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Alienoids Free

DESCRIPTION: The Alienoids spread over 5 planets various stolen gemstones from planet Earth. These stones are sources of a special type of energy used on many planets. Your mission: bring back all the precious stones stolen by the Alienoids.Get many stars as you can to buy important items in your adventure. A star appears when you destroy an Alienoid. At the end of each level, you can buy items with the stars collected.1) Bomb (10 stars) - Lets drop bombs, destroying everything that touches the flames;2) Turbo (15 stars) - Allows you to move quickly;3) Red Laser (20 stars) - It's slower and has low destructive power;4) Green Laser (30 stars) - It's faster with high destructive power;5) Shield (40 stars) - Protect you and destroy enemies who try to touch you;Keep eye on your oxygen level. Replace some oxygen picking the medical kits you find. New life each 5000 points.Play Store:
INSTRUCTIONS: Arrow Keys / WSAD / Gamepad --> Move;Space / Gamepad B --> Shoot;V / Gamepad X --> Turbo (toggle between walking or running);B / Gamepad A --> Drop bomb (you have 3 seconds to move away);P --> Pause Game;M --> Music On/Off;J --> Toggle (on/off) gamepad controls on screen;


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