Bad Ice Cream Unblocked 2 Player Game Play Now

Bad Ice Cream Unblocked 2 Player Game Play Now

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download 300x262 - Bad Ice Cream Unblocked 2 Player Game Play NowIn this funky Beautify bad ice cream game with world of fresh fruits in this icy display place where you can control a lovely and colorful flavor of ice-cream… an Ice Cream Based Character looking cute but also angry and certainly very bad ice-cream that is manic about his lost fruits and trying to collect all the juicy fresh fruit in each of the forty levels while defending themselves from enemies. The game has 40 different levels. Complete them one by one.So, what are you waiting for; be ready to click to lick and enter into this amazing fun adventure.

Bad Ice Cream at School

You have vanilla strawberry, chocolate, sorbet, mint choc-chip and bubble gum ice-cream flavors so which flavor you like the most you can play with that yummy ice cream flavor by changing the avatar. This game includes 2 and 4 players modes. Now you can enjoy this game even more. Total forty levels are there to be unlocked. Work your way through each level and complete them one by one. Every level has its own unique challenges making you little frustrated but do you have skill?.

If yes then show your enemies even your enmities getting stronger you can defeat them just try to gather the fruits as speedily as probable. Try to trap your enemies by shooting freezing blocks of ice in their pathway. Just avoid yourself from enemies being smashed or melted. Your goalmouth is simple just be ready to lick every piece of yummy fruit you see in your pathway. Hence Bad Ice-Cream has great playability with both single-player and multi-player modes for your nosiness to reveal all those forty levels.

Bad Ice Cream Game

Game Instructions:

When the game is loaded using “Click to Lick” button to reach the game menu. You can play this game on your own or with your friend together. After you click “Play” button from the main menu, pick a player number, ice-creams’ color and the chapter. When you start to play just look at the second option of Help where you have given the directions about this gameplay. These instructions are also appearing when you tap the play option and ready to begin the game.

  1. For walking, use arrow keys to move.
  2. Play again if you want to shoot ice blocks.
  3. To complete the level, collect all the juicy fruits.
  4. Beware, not be crushed by the enemies

Game Features:

  • Smooth animations
  • stimulating
  • Have great entertainment with your friend
  • five different delicious ice cream flavors
  • Many fruits and maps
  • Amusing soundtrack
  • Popular for all ages

Player One Controls:

  • To Shoot, use the spacebar or return key.
  • To move around, use arrow keys

Player Two Controls:

  • WASD to move
  • F to shoot