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An action filled platform game.nUse your tongue to swing through the levels and collect flies.n Arrows or WASD to move, mouse to shoot tongue.n
Unrivalled Penguin gore mayhem in this action packed shooter.n15 enemies and 4 bosses.n9 weapons with 33 upgrades and 6 special upgrades.n Arrow keys to move and jump, mouse to aim [...]
Vertigo is an adventure/arcade platformer about a llama with gravity defying powers and its quest to return home and save its family and friends!n CONTROLS:nArrow/WASD Keys to move [...]
Greg Can Jump! is a 125 level fast-paced platformer, in honour of greg and the holiday he has claimed on the month of August!n Arrow Keys/WASD/Space to move and jumpnZ to place a c [...]
A retro-inspired space adventure with a unique control scheme that puts a new spin on a classic genre.n Controls:nMouse – Move ShipnLeft Mouse Button – Pulse WeaponnSpa [...]
One ninja’s quest for gold in a world of inadvertently homicidal robots.n Arrows to move, z to jump. Try not to die. Configure your keys in the Settings menu.n
Ably assisted by a monkey sidekick and a labradoodle professor, Aqua Boy is an intrepid underwater adventurer – scouring the uncharted depths for mysterious, long-forgotten a [...]
Game, combining old-school platform mechanic and environment with great graphics and non-linear level design.n Collect all the gems and exit level. Use pick axe to crush feeble wal [...]
Episode 2 in the Raider series; there’ll be five in total.nThe games are meant to be difficult platformers reminiscent of the NES/SNES days, with graphics to suit that. You d [...]
Blast, impale, burn, freeze, snipe, laser and explode other players in this fast paced multiplayer platform deathmatch game.nShare you maps in this forum topic: http://www.kongrega [...]