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ef9a9b3118d694c324fc3628f21538ce 300x225 - Checkers Online Game Unblocked Play Now (Multiplayer)Checkers is a subgenre of the strategic board games which involves two players, played by two players who opposed each other across a board of 64 black and white squares. It is similar to a chess board. The 24 playing pieces are disk-shaped and of contrasting colors, those are black and white.Checkers (US): A game for two players which is played on the board. Each player has 12 pieces and the mission is to capture the opponent’s pieces by jumping over the pieces.

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Where is it checkers and where it is draught?

In the US, the board game is known as checkers and in the UK it has another name which is Draughts. It is also known as American checkers and straight.

Difference between checkers and draughts:

Draughts (UK): It is a board game for two players in which each player has 20 pieces and a mission is to capture each of the opponent player’s pieces by jumping one’s own pieces over the opposing player’s pieces.

Checkers Board Game

It was started from the ancient city of Ur in southern Mesopotamia which now known as Iraq. It was slightly different board no one knows the rules of that game but as there was a slight difference in the board so it might be similar to draught or chess at 3000 B.C.

A similar game using 5×5 boards were also discovered which were known as Alquerque to have existed in Ancient Egypt. Egyptian version of the checkers was played for thousands of years.

In 1100 A.D. an Innovative Frenchman got an idea to play a game on the board but he played that game with 12×12 for each player. This was a new turn in the checkers game. An innovative idea is followed by us up till now. This improved version of the game was known as Versus.

Afterward, the game was played with more changes that were new challenges in the old game. This version of the game was known as “Jeu Force”.

In the mid of 1500, books were written on the checkers and in 1976, a mathematician wrote an informal explanation on draughts.

In 1847, in the history of the checkers, the first championship was played.An American innovator, Arthur L Samuel. In the field of computer programming and artificial intelligence made a first checker program in 1959. Samuel implementation is now known as Alpha-Beta Pruning.

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Following are the some of the rules for American checkers. The American Federation of this game set the rules for American checkers.

Board: the board has 64 alternative squares of white/lighter and black /darker colors. But the game is played on black squares. The board should be placed in a manner in which each player should have a white corner on his right-hand side and black corner on his left-hand side.

Pieces: Each player has its twelve pieces to take the first step in the game. Each player has to place these pieces on his nearest twelve darker squares (As a game is played on the black/darker squares). One player has dark colored pieces those are black pieces and the other has lighter one’s pieces those are white pieces. Sometimes, in spite of black pieces, a player could have red pieces (substitute of black pieces).

Who has to move the first piece? The introductory move has taken by a player who has black/darker ones. The distribution of the pieces occurred randomly. They use a coin toss to initialize the distribution of the pieces. When players play the series of the games, black pieces are distributed alternatively.

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Time limitation for moving the piece: Each player has to move in a limited time as each player has to move in that limited time. In official games, each player has five minutes to move a piece. When a player only has one possible jump available then a player has a limit of time i.e. one minute, in which he has to make it moveable. If the player has not moved in another minute then that player loses the game.

Jump: In the case where different jumps are available, the player may choose which sequence he has to jump.

Touching the piece: before moving the first piece, a player can place the pieces anywhere he wants to place (it’s up to him).  After the first move, a player cannot adjust the pieces again. If a player adjusts the piece after the first move player would be warned for the first offense. At first offense, a player will not forfeit but after the second offline, a player will lose the game.

These were the some of the rules which were maintained by the federation.Some of the online checker games are Draughts, Checkers, 24/7 checkers. If you want to play this game on your android and ios device download from below.

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