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color switch apk 300x176 - Color Switch Game Online UnblockedColor Switch game came out in December of 2015. The game receives continuous updates. And every update contains fifty new levels and new ball objects come out. This game comes in the puzzle category.Although Color Switch as the name of this game suggests. It is full of colors. Moreover, colors bring happiness. Life is all about colors. Besides colors define us and the way we spend our life. Furthermore, Color Switch is a game which has a colorful theme with exciting levels. In Color Switch, the ball color changes after every obstacle it passes. The ball or the object you playing with must pass through the same color part in the obstruction. Color Switch is an addictive game and is very challenging. You can play the endless streak or you can play other modes as well in the game. The theme of the Color Switch is very appealing and attractive for the players. This makes it very popular. Furthermore popular amongst teenagers and kids.

Addictive Game

The Color Switch free release includes a similar straightforward control and fast activity as the portable amusement. In the event that you thought Flappy Bird was the most addictive and fun arcade title, reconsider as well for CS.

To put it another way, skip up, hop and fly through the coordinating tints. In Color Switch, you should have snappy reflexes to score. Touch the changing sphere, and take a gander at your new shade. At that point, hold up until the point that the ideal time to float through the following turning circle.The shiny new Color Switch will test your response speed and guts amid a perpetual exhibit of rainbow-colored obstructions.


Likewise, the objective of the game Color Switch is to tap a ball through different snags with colors, ensuring that your ball coordinates the color you experience and see in the front. Different power-ups will switch your color each time you pass an obstruction. Amid the amusement, you will likewise gather stars that you can use to purchase more balls. In the game, an “arcade mode” is there, known as Endless Mode, and there is a “level mode”, known as Game Mode. Similarly in Endless Mode. The player needs to experience a perpetual measure of obstructions, and in Game Mode, there are limited levels that the player needs to finish.


In other words, Color Switch is a quick paced, hindrance course diversion that is sufficiently straightforward for children to play however that numerous grown-ups will discover testing, as well. As multicolored geometric shapes turn, players utilize one finger to tap a colorful, bobbing ball through the shapes’ coordinating colors. There are no less than six modes with in excess of 25 levels in every mode, and clients can associate with Game Center. Like clockwork, players get rewards, which energizes day by day play, and advertisements parchment and fly up consistently.

Furthermore, utilize a light tap to float the ball while sitting tight for the right color. And tap harder to propel the ball. Players can “Buy” with focuses to change the state of the ball and open difficulties.

Therefore the Color Switch is outwardly enrapturing with a hip soundtrack, and, with various levels and modes, it could take weeks or months to start to get exhausted. The greater concern is whether children will play it a lot. Before they kick it into high gear tired of the skipping ball. And whirling colors and shapes. Learn to expect the unexpected. They can change the mode in the diversion and furthermore the ball objects.

How to play?

This game is the simplest. Just have to tap on the screen to hop or bounce the ball and move forward. On smartphones and tablets, this can be played by tapping. On web browser, you can play by click on the game screen to move the ball in the forward direction. And pass through hurdles.

Begin the game on your PC or work area computer, and appreciate the greater part of the enjoyment on an extra-large screen. Turn up your speakers, warm up your mouse. And endeavor to acquire the best score of the day. Play Color Switch online for an obviously addictive, euphoric involvement in your browser!

Color Switch Game Unblocked

Color Switch is one of the most addictive and popular games. It is the best arcade puzzle game. Fun and time pass is a guarantee. Once you fall for the colors there is no leaving the game. Getting bored is not an option. Play through different levels to feed your brain with colors.

This game has optimization for every mobile device. Whether it is a smartphone or tablet. And you can play this game anywhere at any time. Fun is inevitable.

To conclude Color Switch is available on google play store and apple app store.