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death run 3d 300x197 - Death Run 3D Online Unblocked Game Play NowDeath Run 3D is an extremely fast game made for the use of true skill personally. This is the right game for you if you are a hardcore games lover. You fly inside a tube with different movable blocks (almost all are moveable). The main task for us is to avoid them.They come in front of you in different directions and with such a hurry that you have a Nanoseconds to decide your key movement. They come in different arrangement making it harder for you to pass by and believe me its difficult task to avoid them but even if you manage to achieve above 100 scores you did a great job.The speed is so fast that you cannot take much time to think and have to move using keys rapidly Wikipedia.

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Run over the worlds. You cannot control your speed because it is fixed.Don’t hit the obstacles (meteors) or avoid falling into the lava. You are supposed to go through challenges and get towards the end of each world and win it. Gaps between the obstacles are very small so swift responses are required for success. The obstacles may appear ahead of you suddenly and you have to move in the open area rapidly. Focusing on the side to move and the key accordingly.

Death Run 3 Game Highlights

Death run 3d or we can say extremely quick racing or running game with an increasing speed, a 3D game which is an extreme hardcore addictive game. Quick hands and steady reflexes are what is required. Once your hands on the game you will improve your score. It’s a new fast and an original platform gameplay. If you are hardcore games lover this is for you. Your task is to survive as long as you can.  But the fun part is, the longer you stay in the game the harder it gets. We are beating our own score making it better and better and collecting all the achievements reaching up to the end with the top score on the leaderboard.The game is too fast even at initial stage that one could barely win. The score is maintained on a leaderboard. Your last high score is recorded there.

Release Date:21st July- 2017

Developer: Frederik Holst

Publisher: Frederik Holst

Music by:  enV:

Death Run 3D Game Features:-



  • The game has got a nice 3D environment.
  • A great hardcore game having steady features.
  • Multiple attempts available.
  • Simple controls making it focus on four main keys.


  • Too fast at initial stage making it difficult for an easy win.
  • For those who are suffering from photosensitive epilepsy, this game will cause problems.
  • Not much difference in each stage making it repetitive.
  • Similar obstacles and less of ease make it boring.


Right, Left, Up and Down arrow keys are used to move towards the right and left, up and down respectively. Only these keys are used in the game.


  • “A fast dynamically strong game.”
  • “Strong eye capturing moments. Enjoyed playing it.”
  • “The game has got high notes. Couldn’t get my eyes off.”
  • “Too fast game. Fun playing but wanted it to be a little catchy and slower.”
  • “A 3D high standard game I have played so far.”
  • “Death run is nice game one can play with multiple attempts.”
  • “I have failed multiple times and still couldn’t go above 150 scores, the game is fun overall I will rate it 4 stars.”
  • “This Game has a great 3D styling but speed is way too high to follow. Winning is a hugely difficult task.”

Game Suggestions:

The speed is too fast at the initial level makes it less attractive at the start. Such games should have a minimal start so that the gamers put hands in the game and the difficulty should increase slowly. There should be more of elements and design added and colors should be more eye-catching giving 3D structure more charm. Complexity should be increased slowly because people usually don’t go for multiple attempts they just play once or twice and mark their reviews. So overall game idea is interesting but all we need is a new variety of styling, obstacles and a little easy going start. Also, in a 3D game contrasts and color schemes should be implemented before taking into account the symptoms and effects of them. Some people are color blind and some have photosensitive epilepsy so these things should be sorted earlier.