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Dolphin Olympics 2

Dolphin Olympics 4 300x170 - Play Dolphin Olympics Online Game (Ads Free)Hello guys today we talking about another online adobe flash player game this game is very interesting and provide a lot of fun with happiness and mind changing activity, this game is a online game run with adobe flash player and this game is very popular in united kingdom (UK). I also love this kind of action games I play this game every day and make a lot of fun.

This game is a perfect time pass and is highly addicting just like tank trouble, your hands can’t stop once you complete and you can play it again and again to improve your previous scores and.

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Your goal is to direct the dolphin to save the prime minister who has been abducted by the aliens. In order to find the prime minister and save him from the attack of aliens. If you want to save you would need to move the laser of dolphin from one planet to another till it reaches him.

Play Dolphin Olympics 2

Dolphin Olympics is an awesome online game of skill in which you must control and acrobatic dolphin and try to perform a variety of cool tricks. In my spare time, I like to make games with procedural generation. I hope is getting better. If you already played the previous three games of dolphin Olympics you are going to love the laser dolphin and its action and smartness.

Dolphin Olympics 3 Unblocked Play online

How to play:

  • This game played with the help of both keyboard and mouse.
  • You can set the direction in which the laser dolphin will move with the help of the mouse cursor.
  • By using the spacebar you can swim the dolphin.
  • You can move the dolphin towards right and left by using right and left key arrows.
  • You can move the dolphin downwards by using the lower key arrow and upwards or make it jump by using upper key arrow.
  • After the first level or the first planet, the dolphin will be able to use its laser to protect its self from underwater mines. To use the laser, press the right button of the mouse.
  • You will also see golden dolphins on the way. These are like golden coins and therefore, don’t forget to take them as the dolphin moves forward.

Using more arrow keys means more spins and flips that can hold the dolphin in a position for a longer time.
Therefore, try to master the moves by playing again and again to that you can beat your own previous scores and set new records for yourself. Learn new tricks to get higher speed and better scores.

If you want to learn more about this game please watch this video for ultimate Guide tips trick how you play. In this Video, you see how to run the game how to play.


Hope all you enjoy this game and don’t forget share with the public.

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