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Doodle Planet 1 300x265 - Doodle God Game Free Unblocked Play Online NowDoodle God is an imaginative and fun game of creation and element matching. Griddle and logic video game.Mix and match different combinations of wind, water, fire, and earth and with the power of each basic element create a whole universe of your dream.Try out different combinations to work out what elements come together to create new ones. This game was developed for the iPad/iPhone users which were later released as a flash browser game, Android game, and then Windows Phone app.The gameplay is inspired by Russian online JavaScript game ‘Alchemy game’ based on an old DOS game named ‘Alchemy’.Hence play this game to Explore.

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This game has single player mode initially you have given four basic elements group i.e. fire, earth, air, and water. With the combinations of four elements you can create different materials and objects and further when you combine substances with another element together you can create a new one. There are total 115 mixtures and to find them you must be inventive and work smart to reveal all those elements within Doodle God universe.

Just use the new elements that you have created to continue your quest. Obviously, the whole universe was not created in a day. But you must work your up because God gave you the power of the universe in your hands, you have the power to create so unleash your power of creativity.

What progress have you made? You can know by checking your inventory that how far your dream has come into reality. The center is in the discovery of 114 elements under the 14 different categories. But hold a minute if you are feeling scared or bore alone in this path of the journey then don’t worry yet; you are not wholly alone in your cosmic journey! Every single time you magnificently create a new substance, you will be pleased with the wit and wisdom of some of the greatest philosophers and comedians.

Doodle God Unblocked Game

DOODLE GOD 2 include furthermore making of elements. It uses second and third episodes to make approximately 196 elements and in DOODLE GOD EPISODE FOUR this power of creation goes up to 248 new elements because in this episode GOD giving humans the power of creation. Now you will find whole new episodes in DOODLE GOD: ULTIMATE EDITION because according to the current generation comforts, the developers of this gameplay has upgraded the DOODLE GOD which as the name suggests, is the most comprehensive version of the game so far.

Game Features:-

  • Larger-than-life music
  • 115 elements to be created which enhance your knowledge
  • Awaken your power of imagination
  • Get a quote after you discover a new element
  • A time hint to help you
  • A story plot to keep you entertained
  • Suitable for all ages


There are total 28 achievements to be unlocked:

  • Deity of darkness
  • God of patience
  • Doodle bar
  • Creator of technology
  • Creator of magic
  • God of fun
  • Brilliant inventor
  • Good start
  • Half the kingdom
  • Practice makes perfect
  • Similar to similar
  • Master of alchemy
  • Masters of the world
  • Fun club member
  • Follower and many more


There are seven different quests. Each quest has its own adventure story. These are:

  • Run Santa run
  • Save the princess
  • Devil vs God
  • Survivor
  • Greatest inventions
  • The rise of Egypt
  • The angel and imp.

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