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Gun Mayhem 4 Game 300x200 - Gun Mayhem 4 Online Game Play FreeTo kill your opponent by knocking off the platform is the main objective of this game. The Gun Mayhem 4 is a multiplayer shooter action game in which minimum 1 and maximum 4 players can play together against each other. The different types of deathmatches allow you to play to check the winner. It is a type of game which maintains the excitement level throughout all the stages and in every mode of the game.

When one player knocks out the other player off the platform, the death is considered. By every shot, the opponent goes back. By shooting continuously or throwing bombs, your targeted opponent can have difficulty to get back his character’s control. Remember, don’t forget to take your bonus items!Grab your new guns and shoot out your enemies and knock them off the platform to get a win. It will help you to win easily.

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In this game you have the option to customize your own character (if you want) or use any premade character). Every character has its own perk which has some characteristics like triple jump, speed bonuses, lives, guns etc.

In the start of the games, every player has a simple gun until you will get any other new gun. If you collect the crates you can take new guns using this. These crates have different weapons which help the player to knock off the opponent easily.Power-ups, assault rifles, miniguns, songs and sniper rifles are the weapons which are included in these crates. All these guns have little ammo, so you need to check them every time while you are using them.

The power-ups have also some utilities which help the player in playing a game such as speed, shield (for protection), jetpack, invisibility and minimize facility. The game is available in both offline and online mode so you can play this game both on web browsers or download this game through your web browser or app stores.

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Game Modes:

Following are the modes which are available and you can enjoy this game:

  • Last Man Standing
  • Last Man Standing (Team Mode)
  • Duck Survival
  • Gun Game and 1 Hit 1 Kill.

How to Play Gun Mayhem 4

  • Player 1: Move: Arrow keys, Shoot: [ or ]
  • Player2: Move WASD, Shoot: T, Y.
  • Player 3: Move: Numpad “/” / 7/8/9 Shoot: Numpad * / –
  • Player 4: Move: Numpad 5 / 1 / 2 / 3, Shoot: Numpad 0 / -.

In the campaign mode, it has ten more entertaining stages, from which two of them are boss stages. In every stage, there are different enemies to fight with. Moreover, when you have completed all the stages then you can also play a further game with AI or with other players. It has also a choice to play with your own friends.In both modes, you and your friends will act as partners and your aim is to defeat your enemies.If we talk about short campaign mode, it is more hard and full of challenges. This creates an addiction to the player. The enemies make them invisible and make mirror images of himself and use jetpacks.

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Every match has limited lives. The player gets to win when the opponent has lost his all lives. While playing Duck Survival mode, you need to survive till the end. In the Gun game mode, you have to kill your opponent by using every gun at least one time in order to win. When you kill the opponent you will get a new gun. In 1 Hit 1 Kill pits, the players against each other have to give the opponents more powerful weapon but you don’t need to hit each other off the platform. If one hit the other, one time, it will be enough to kill him. The deathmatch mode game can be played only in custom mode.In this, you can customize your players, characters and more.

Game Features:

  • It Supports up to 4 players at once.
  • Utilize over 60 different firearms.
  • Provide 12 diverse maps to fight on.
  • It has some unique gameplay modes as Last Man Standing, One Shot One Kill, Gun Game and Duck Defense.
  • Campaign mode includes coop option.
  • Customizable characters.


The creator of “Gun Mayhem 4” was Kevin Gu, Arvin Eksiri and with music by Kevin MacLeod.