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us ipad 2 haunt the house terrortown 300x225 - Haunt The House Unblocked Online Game Life is FunHaunt the House Terrortown is a side-scrolling action puzzle game developed and published by the SFB games. The game was released originally for the PlayStation Vita in early 2013 and months later was available on Desktop as an online browser game and on Android and iOS platforms as well. The game has been released on Valves Steam Store also which can be downloaded on a Desktop.Unlike most horror games, the objective of the game is to scare people. Haunt the house is a story based puzzle game which explains the story of a ghost who lives in an abandoned bell tower in an abandoned town called the ‘Terrortown’. The ghost is in peace until people start moving into the town.

The new residents seem to never sleep and thus disturbing the ghosts sleep. The ghost’s task is to scare away all the people from Terrortown so once again he can Rest in Peace.

If you don’t know how to play this game please watch the video below!

House Games Unblocked

Setup And Controls

The game is divided into different levels. Each level is designed in different setups such as a Theatre, Party Home, Hospital, and Museum etc. The main objective is to spook the people in each building. The level is completed when all the people have been scared out of the house.

The ghost is controlled by the arrow keys for users on Desktop and by corresponding touch commands for users on Mobile devices. The movement allows the ghost to maneuver through the house or the building. People are spread over all the rooms and keep moving back and forth. A number of objects are found all over the building and can be possessed into to scare the residents. While hovering around the house, if the ghost is near to a possible object, a hint on the screen appears. The player can press the Space key to enter the object or in case of Android or iOS users, double tapping the object does the task.

Haunt The House The Game

Each object has a different way of spooking the party makers. For example, you can possess a lamp and move it left or right.You can also use the lamp to perform an odd ghostly action that definitely scares the nearby people. As you are on your way to scare the people, there is present an atmosphere meter on the screen at all times that indicates the terror intensity you have caused in the house.

The more you scare the people and more the terror meter, the easier it becomes to run out the remaining guests. In addition, scaring more people causes the ghost to perform spookier actions through the household objects. For instance, you can normally possess a glass and move it left or right or maybe even make it fly around. But once you have scared out enough people, you can have the ability to even crack the glass causing even more fear to the remaining residents.

It’s Not That Easy

Though it may seem easy to roam around the house or theater and possess objects and scare people. But it’s not that simple. Different people might have a different reaction to the same spook attempt. Someone might get scared of flying utensils in the kitchen while some other guy might just blink and walk away. But there is a breaking point for everyone. Different objects need to be tried before finally getting them out. These cases may occasionally cause a lot of frustration as these people keep shifting rooms up and down before finally quitting.

Haunted Games

However in some cases, if you spook people too much, they tend to commit suicide by jumping from the windows. Though causing people to jump from the windows decreases the Spirit energy. Low spirit energy means you have limited options with possible able objects.

SPOILER! Throughout the game, you come around 9 certain characters that won’t get scared away. You will have to find the correct object and action to kill them only to find that they are the people from the picture in the bell tower. These people become part of the ghost family and can be utilized as usable avatars in the game.

Haunt The House is supposed to be a horror genre but the cartoony theme and the cute characters make the game entertainingly fun and enjoyable. The game has the perfect tone to match the comical spooky atmosphere. It does not require a lot of skill to move around the house and control objects. One only major downside is the short story of the game. The whole game can be completed in an hour or two at max. Since its release, only one Christmas DLC has been released. The game comes to an end too soon but can be amusingly fun while it lasts.