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If your dream to play Learn to fly game here we provide you a best flash online game this game is a very good game and most popular in us and other countries. Your dream to play this game online and unblocked here we published this game play online have a good fun with this amazing game. in this post, we learn all parts of this game.

learn to fly 0 300x173 - Learn to fly Play Online Game All versions At SchoolFlying is the perfect vocation for a man who wants to feel like a boy, but not for one who still is. So what does light bringer 777 from congregate do? He builds a game that symbolizes just that. He builds Learn to fly is a flash-based game that consists of a penguin with a dream, the dream to fly. To soar above the ground, or in this case an iceberg, at beak breaking speeds in order to achieve the impossible.

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The game is quite well built Its user interface is simple and its key bindings are simple enough for children to understand. Although that doesn’t mean that an 18-year-old young adult can’t understand it nonetheless.

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Its character customization column, as in the upgrades section after every failed attempt at achieving the penguin’s dream is a treasure trove of upgrades each of which while costing an arm and a leg are well customized as each upgrade can seem to have an impactful effect upon the flight of the penguin.

This effect can be seen in the flight instance that occurs after obtaining the glider and the rocket at around the single digit levels. Both upgrades can be felt to have a great impact on advancing. The flight and the effects can be felt with each upgrade that is done upon each specific component.
learn to fly 3 engineering

This doesn’t mean that the initial upgrades for air resistance and acceleration are pointless. Nay, that is far from it. For each mini upgrade contributes in some way to increase flight duration and help the player to achieve the penguin’s goal.

However, this doesn’t mean that the game is perfectly made. It is, in fact, far from it. Its progression ends quite early, as the game was finished in nary 10 minutes by yours truly. Then again what else can one expect from a flash game that’s around 7 years old? It has quite a few problems in other aspects as well. But a majority have been resolved and improved upon in the sequel to learn to fly 2.

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The sequel, “learn to fly 2” has increased the quality and gameplay of the game by leaps and bounds. The sequel gives off the feeling of it being targeted towards a much older audience than the prequel. This may signify the creator cashing in on the off-chance of the people who played the prequel may also play the sequel as well.                                                                                                                  The game itself has progressed quite a bit as has been stated before. Although it can be felt that the difficulty has been increased. It can also be noticed that there are quite a few hidden Easter eggs here and there to indulge in the players’ interests and also keep the player preoccupied.

The controls overall haven’t changed much from the prequel as most of them are quite similar. Although there is a new addition of a springboard which requires the players to have the precision of a cat. In order to get the timing just right In order to achieve the best possible outcome. Then again even that isn’t enough most of the time so the player must turn to every gamer aim in life. Yes upgrades.  The upgrades in the game start out slow and steady like the prequel did.
As in they focused on increasing basic things such the height of the ramp and the length of the ramp. But as the game progresses further and further it takes a lot more understanding to understand how complex the game truly is.

It focuses on how the player tries to achieve the objectives of the game while at the same time also give the players a help me out of sorts by giving minor achievements. Here and there with some useful hints and also giving minor cash prizes for achieving said achievements. This leads to the games believing that the player is, in fact, progressing further and further.

learn to fly 4

The game has also made a ton of improvements in its repeatability by not only increasing the number of times that must be spent on the story mode due to how complex it is to achieve all the achievements. That it has to offer but also the additional challenges that have been added. All of which differ from one other in one way or another weather. It is achieving an unimaginable altitude or achieving speeds than normal penguins just shouldn’t be able to achieve.

There has also been the addition of multiple other modes such as the arcade and the classic mode. Both of which act as a buffer to allow players to chill out from playing the story mode too much and possibly burning out.

learn to fly 2 cool math games

This itself is quite an innovative idea as it allows the players to keep on playing the game but in a different environment thus increasing the replayability of Learn to Fly Overall. Light bringer 777 has done a good job in making the original. Then improving upon it greatly. With his sequel which not only lived up to the fame that the prequel garnered but was also able to surpass it greatly.

To sum it up, as far as flash games go it is decent. Not the best, not the greatest but it is worth the time to waste if you’ve got time to waste. Until next time then, see you.

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