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Mabby (Demo)

DESCRIPTION: This is part of a solo project I started about two years ago and it's finally nearing the end of its development, so any kind of feedback would be much appreciated!! Because of the limit on file size I was only able to include two levels, but hopefully that's still enough to give you guys an idea of what the full game will be like.Also, just another update on things; WE'VE BEEN GREENLIT ON STEAM!! YAYYYY!!!! :D A big thanks to everyone who voted! Your support really means a lot!You can check out the Greenlight page by clicking here. Thank you all for playing!! I hope you guys enjoy :)
INSTRUCTIONS: WASD to moveL - jumpK - shootI - shoot green brickO - breaks the most recent green brick**Alternate control schemes - as well as audio and video settings - can be changed from the 'options' tab of the main menu or the pause-screen in game.**


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