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0000018242 s1 300x166 - Narwhale io Game Play Online Now (No Ads)Now you are done watching this game video let’s start to play this amazing and simple best ever game with good rating gameplay online! In the most No.1 country United State of America (USA). Narwhale io is the best simple game forever. This game developed with Adobe Flash Player, if you don’t install this player on your computer plz install first. so it’s is very easy to play with an online working script.

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Welcome to another io series game Narwhale io is a free online game. It is a single game out of a variety of games that you can play on control your narwhale to attack your enemies and fight other players! But keep it in your mind those players better than you. Make a good strategy to survive become the best narwhale in the map. Play as a unicorn whale and beat all the other whales with your horn in this highly competitive huge massive multiplayer game.

This is an easy game no control with a keyboard you can play only with mouse up down left right and control your avatar using your mouse by pressing or clicking with your mouse you will gain temporary speed to boost useful in escaping sticky situations or attacking enemies. IO is a largest competitive massive multiplayer game similar to agar. You will play as a massive unicorn shark and your goal is to eliminate all other sharks in the ocean and make it to the leaderboard.

Narwhale Io Controls
  • Mouse – Navigate
  • LMB – Interact / Select / Speed Boost

If you a lover of free games you are in right place, we provide couples of free games and also ads free no ads make hurdle in your playing. This game has a good rating of 85 out of 100.
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Narwhale io is an online game, where you play against real players from all over the world. Again, it’s very important to climb up the ladder and become the very best narwhale there is! You play as a very interesting creature with a horn on its head. This horn serves as a tool for murdering your opponents. Connect to a server and start impaling your opponents. Good luck!. is a game of friendly narwhals piercing each other. Dash to your enemies and cut them in half! New Game Mode: Narwhale Ball!*This app requires good internet connection!. also check  io series other game Paper io

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