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Rider Mobile Game 300x295 - Neon Rider Game Online Play Now (Best Game Ever)The Neon Rider Game is a 2D racing video game in which you will race your bike among world’s best players. There are many challenging platforms where riding your bike is like a thrilling adventure where you never want to stop your ride. On every jump of your vehicle, there will be chances of getting higher scores you make between two stages. Want to flip your bike like in real? So, grab your bike get in the driver seat and start flipping it and perform stunts as never like before! Enjoy your game on an endless racing track with different slopes, bumps, jumps, and crashes. Perform all those tricks which you want to do with your bike and no one watches it before!

Neon Rider Game Online

VEHICLES: they are divided into common, rare, epic, or legendary bikes. The speed of the spin and the length of the wheelbase. Lengthier wheelbase vehicles have a tendency to land in a more stable fashion whereas the flip is also having a tendency to be slower. But you must find the best car or best bike or you can say best vehicles which suits you best and it can be known when you do experience in this electrifying adventure.

How to get the Gems: Do you want to earn gems quickly?

You can earn two hundred gems apart from completing the challenges but how?

It’s simple every time when you watch an ad video or an ad game then once the ad is complete, you will earn the reward as a gem. Once you will finish the run, immediately you will see an ad offer pop up.

Or you can simply go to the gem store and avail an offer. The offer automatically pops up and you can take this offer repeatedly to unlock more bikes and cars to load up on gems. If you want to unlock more colorful palettes then you can’t purchase them with your gems. You will have to earn these and this is done by completing the challenging levels of your game. Every time on 15 different unlocks, you will earn this a new theme.

Neon Rider Game Unblocked

In the level-based mode, you can play available challenging levels in any order.  Maybe your choice can be first easy to difficult obviously. After this, medium, then hard, and then thrilling (dangerous). But in this, you must be complete with a specified frequency of all the available levels. The levels are 6 for medium, 12 for hard and 18 for thrilling.

Game Controls

If you are playing Rider game, the controls of playing this game are very upfront.

Just click on your screen to give speed to your bike.

For somersaulting, hold down your screen while your bike is in the air. (For doing so, you will get an extra point).

If you play continuously, use your gems to unlock new bikes. At the start of the game, you will get only one bike. But playing further and unlocking all different levels will lead you to unlock all up to 40 different cars and bikes too.

What’s more inside in this game? This game has up to 100 different levels, having full of challenges that make the game even more hard to play.

Neon Rider Online

What is interesting in this?

◉Get100 Challenges
◉40 Awesome Bikes (including 4 Secrets)
◉ Daily Rewards
◉Full 32 Levels
◉10 Themes
◉ Comparison of your scores with world players
◉ Make shocking stunts!


– Fix for bike exploding at the start.

– Tweaked some obstacles.

Current Version: 1.2.1

Content Ratings: 4.5/5

Creator: Ketchapp

Platforms: Android (Requires Android4.0.3 and up), iOS, Web browser.

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