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maxresdefault 1 3 300x168 - Pokemon Tower Defense Games Online Play NowEvery kid has grown up watching their favorite cartoons Pokemon. The Pokemon game first came out in 1996 for the game boy. A game boy was one of a kind handy gaming console. It had Pokemon game in it. Thus for a very long time viewers from around the world have watched Pokemon saga. Playing Pokemon game was the best thing.

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Pokémon Tower Defense (PTD)

Pokémon Tower Defense is a stunning and testing tower defense diversion that happens inside the epic Pokémon universe! Catch and prepare each of the 150 of the first Pokémon as you endeavor to understand the secrets behind the Rattata assaults! Pick the best area for your Pokémon and pick their best moves to protect against the surge of foe Pokémon that are endeavoring to take all the Rare Candies! Do you have what it takes to illuminate this confounding puzzle and Catch them all? Furthermore, the capacity to catch new Pokemon and redesign them. Inside and out a game with bounty to do and in addition encounter the best in the Pokemon universe.

Pokemon Tower Defense Latest Version

To conclude, Pokemon Tower Defense is a cool procedure and strategic game with wonderful retro-pixel craftsmanship designs. And in excess of 100 unique Pokemon characters. Pick and prepare your Pokemon. Put your tower in the best spots and stop all rushes of adversaries. You can step up your Pokemon amid the fight.

Pokemon Tower Defense is an online Pokemon game in which there are different levels in which your strategy influencing capacities will get a test. Control your characters to complete the tower defense assignments amid the gameplay. The different cooperation while the gameplay proceeds will sufficiently offer insights for better gaming background.

In case you’re worn out on sitting tight for Pokémon X and Y to hustle just a bit and get themselves discharge, at that point Pokémon Tower Defense might be the title that will facilitate the torment of Pokémon expectation. Fight, exchange, advance, and set out upon a progression of undertakings with this tower defense title that remaining parts consistent with the name and slant of Pokémon.

The attack on Oak’s lab

Furthermore, at the point when a pack of wild Rattata assaults Professor Oak’s lab, it is dependent upon you to stop them. Moreover set out alone Pokemon travel, to catch and prepare all Pokemon and attempt to comprehend the puzzle behind these assaults. Including the first 151 Pokemon!


  • Catch the adversary Pokemon and add them to your group.
  • Step up your group and bring them into a fight.
  • Great Tower defense gameplay.
  • A wild and insane story that takes all of you to the Kanto locale.
  • Pokemon will learn moves and EVOLVE simply like the genuine game!
  • In addition, Level the distance to 100!

To sum up, Pokemon Tower Defense is an addictive game. With an interesting background story. The sound effects of the game are very retro and nostalgic. It reminds of the good old times. The best thing is that this game provides the experience of being a Pokemon master. Catching and training the Pokémons like in the original series cartoon.

Pokemon Tower Defense 2 (PTD 2)

In addition, Pokemon Tower Defense (PTD) has also sequels. These sequels are as successful as the prequels.

Consequently, Pokémon Tower Defense is a game made by Sam and Dan Games. It first came out on December 2, 2010, with the main discharge to people in general on March 2011, on the Android. It was initially proposed to be an application available for marketplace, however, was taken off by Google for copyright encroachment.

Moreover, there was a PTD unlocker.apk accessible for a brief period, however, it has been taken off by Google as well. PTD 1 is accessible as a Flash game, a windows.exe record, and as a side-loadable.apk for Android gadgets. The second PTD game is accessible as a Flash game and a side-loadable.apk for Android gadgets.

In the game, you are a coach who goes out into Kanto to begin your excursion as a Pokémon Trainer. You, Joey, and Naruto consolidate to stop the shrewd plans of The General and a Shiny Mewtwo. From working out as intended. The game is presently completed and its continuation, Pokemon Tower Defense 2: Generations is playable.

In fact, Pokémon Tower Defense 2 is an astounding tower defense game that happens inside the marvelous Pokémon universe and highlights all Pokémon from each age! Catch new Pokémon and advance them to achieve their definitive potential! Set only two years after the primary game, further you will take an epic story as you go all through the all-natural Pokémon world, meeting new and old partners and battle your detestable enemies.

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