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maxresdefault 4 300x168 - Slither Io Game Unblocked (100% Working) Play is a massive browser based game developed and published by a North American based company called the LowTech Studios. Released in the March of 2016, the game has gained huge success on the Android and iOs platform, and is also playable online in browser has crossed over a whopping 100 million downloads on the Google Play store alone with an overall rating of 4.5 with reviews from more than 40m users Wikipedia.

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It has been named the Top trending and Most Irresistible game in 2016 by Google Play. Apart from this, a large number of audience play the game through iOs devices and other more from the web.

Slither io brings back the vibes of the old snake games that we used to play on the early Nokia phones. Except, its largely enhanced, is played with live players online and most importantly MORE FUN.

Slither Io Unblocked Games

Players join on random servers which run 24/7. With players coming and going, the goal of each player is to make the biggest snake by surviving the longest. At the end of the day, the best player is awarded to the player with the longest snake of the day. The winner gets to share the win worldwide with his username ingame.

Play now Silther io unblocked at school. The game is setup in a 2D world with the top view of the snake. When a new user joins the game from a mobile device or the browser, he/she is redirected to a random live server where other users are already playing. Player starts with a small snake and is aimed to consume the glowy colored pellets to increase his score and length. These glowy pellets are spread and spawned all over the beautiful hexagonal background.

The generation of the glowy balls is randomized, although when a snake dies, it leaves behind the same colored but bigger pellets. Bigger pellets provide bonus score and increased length to the player. The snake is free to move in any direction. There are different presets to control the snake direction although the default control is the snake following the mouse pointer direction.

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Now i am providing you android and ios version many people ask for. The task of becoming the longest snake keep becoming difficult as the snake gets longer. Snake’s die if they collide head on into another snake. The strategy to keep surviving is to not only grow longer, but also to eliminate your enemies. Specially the longer ones, who are aiming for the top spot on the leaderboard. By using the space button or the corresponding control in the other device, the snake is able to boost its speed which becomes helpful in eliminating other snakes.On mobile devices, the boost mode can be achieved by douvble tapping the screen and holding until you wan to stop.

Although, using the boost causes a decrease in snakes mass and ultimately, overusage of the boost results in slower growth of the snake. One common trick for tricking the enemy snakes to collide is trapping them inside your tail.Usually longer snakes tend to trap the newer and shorter ones entangled in a long loop of tails.But careful, Hitting your face in your own tail results in  a loss as well. One thing to keep in mind is that the field in which all the player snake move around is alsonot unlimited.There are boundaries on each end which represent the end of the snake area. When a slither somehow proceeds to cross the boundary of the ground, it automatically dies leaving no pellets behind.

Slither Io for School

The games interface is simple. You join the server and are asked to enter an in game nick. No sign up and long procedures are required. The game starts and you are on your way to become the longest snake of the day. Desktop users use the mouse pointer to give direction to the users while android and iOs users control snakes by the touch and hold commands. A highscore board is present at all time on the top right corner of the game screen where scores of longest snakes in the day are shown. also offers different customizations to create snake avatars as well. On default, there are seven different solid colors to choose from for your snake. Additionally players can purchase custom skins for their snakes which include country flags and different designs. The visualizations of the game itself are appealing, eye-catching and fun. Smooth and fluid movements when you take a quick turn with a young cute snake is mouthwatering to eyes.

Slither Io Game for Free continues to grow popularity, specially among mobile users. The game has been featured on channels of Reputed Youtubers such as PewDiePie which has helped it gain a lot of users. The developers of the game have established good communication with the players as the player reviews are dealt accordingly in the new updates. The game continues to get updates, more skins, an ad-free feature and performance fixes. works well for users who are not into much of Storyline, rather then for players who enjoy a quick game of multiplayer with lots of fun.

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