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images 3 - Sonic Dash Game Online (100% Working Game Play)Sonic Dash is an arcade game. Sonic Dash is an old timer game. SEGA Corporation is a multinational PC diversion programming and hardware creator association, and a home PC and support producer headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. The association had accomplishment with the two arcades and home consoles, however, from that point, SEGA formally left the purchaser to reassure business and started focusing on programming headway for numerous outsider stages. Sonic Dash was introduced by Sega Corporation and with his hip attitude and style; he is “cooler” than Mario, Nintendo’s character. Sonic’s delightfully point by point world comes to life on portable and tablet – never has an endless sprinter look so great!

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The world famous Sonic the Hedgehog stars in his first endless running diversion – how far would you be able to go?

Sonic Dash Online is a diversion in which you move the character using the bolt keys and enable him to bounce by pressing the space bar and enable him to fly by pressing the space bar twice. Enable the character to gather every one of the rings without finding obstacles.

You can play as the main character the Hedgehog, while you play as the main character you can sprint, jump and bounce and also spin in the forward direction to make your way across the beautiful and awesome three-dimensional scenes and terrains. You have to make your way through the obstacles and run as long as you can. Unleash Sonic’s fantastic dash move that allows you to keep running at insane speed and destroy everything in your way!

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Best Animations in a game!!! Sonic Dash is such an adventurous game, players enjoy it very much and the main reason is that the graphics are amazing and spectacular. Everybody enjoys good graphics, and if a game has good graphics it will get more players. With amazing graphics, Sonic Dash is also very much optimized for every smart device, whether it is an android device or it is an IOS device. Optimization is best when you play it all the time so your device battery does not drain too fast. You can now play Sonic Dash at a very smooth 60fps (frames per second) rate. Sonic Dash game soundtrack is also addictive and plays in the background as you play through the levels giving you the motivation and thrill.


Sonic Dash has this awesome feature integrated, that you can play with your friends. By inviting them online. This includes the new Time attack Mode and others. To conclude, you can play with your friends. And at the same time, you can have competition with each other and see who leads the leaderboards. Players can also challenge each other and collect achievements.

You can play with new characters

You can now play Sonic Dash with new avatars which include the friends of Sonic the Hedgehog, SHADOW, TAILS and KNUCKLES. Plus these characters have their own awesome abilities which you can experience, and pass through obstacles accordingly.

Incredible Abilities of Sonic
Use Sonic’s powers to avoid hazards, bounce over barriers and speed around the circle the loops. Plus annihilate enemies using Sonic’s devastating homing assault. Epic power-ups are also there for you to discover and use them to run furthermore. And also power-ups give you head starts, safeguards, ring magnets and awesome score boosters.

In Sonic Dash game you have incredible epic battles and also boss levels in which you have to clash with Sonic biggest enemy Dr. Eggman who is cunning and evil, and other battles with deadly characters. You have to use all the Sonic’s abilities to defeat these evil bosses before its too late. Unleash Sonic’s extraordinary dash move that allows you to keep running at insane speeds and destroy everything in your way!

Continue running and get more rewards the more you play. Step up your score multiplier by finishing interesting missions, or win astounding prizes including Red Star Rings and extra characters by finishing Daily Challenges and playing the Daily Spin.

Sonic Dash is an endless runner video game. Sonic Dash is played as an endless runner platform. Similar to the Temple Run and Rayman Jungle Run video games. In the game, the player directs Sonic through levels, collecting rings and bypassing obstacles and enemies.

You can play Sonic Dash game online on different browsers like google chrome and Mozilla Firefox. This game is also available on google play store for the android device. And also on apple app store for IOS devices like iPhone, iPad, and iPods.

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