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maxresdefault 5 300x168 - Stick Fight Online Unblocked (100% Working) Game PlayStick Fight as the name suggests focuses on endless fighting.Engaging in combat with stick figures is probably one of the coolest ideas on Mobile gaming.And has been pleasingly adopted by this game.Developed by the TechNull studios, this 2d action time killer game has over 5 million downloads on the Google Play Store and an overall rating of 4.5 stars. With its huge success, the game has been released on the iOs as well. Apart from this, the game is also popular on many 3rd party App stores like Mobogenie, F-Droid, and Aptoide.

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The goal of this arcade action game is to Fight and Fight. With a violent task and yet a comical theme, the game stands suitable for all users. The fast-paced action keeps the players indulged in the fighting scene. With increasing time and increasing difficulty, the players desire to get more and more. Beautiful moves, weapon choices, hefty upgrades, fancy hats provide the full package of an entertainingly fun game.

Stick Fight The Game

The environment of the game is set up in a variety of beautiful backgrounds such as Jungle, Urbanized, Nightfall, Castle, Landscape.A ninja toned sound at all times matches perfectly to the game environment. There is a single mode that spawns the user at the middle center of the screen on a ground. The aim is to eliminate as many enemy fighters that come in different waves. The enemy stick ninjas run from either side of the screen towards the player.

Enemies are to be eliminated with one tap on the side where they are approaching from. The touch function on any side results in the player performing an attacking move in that direction.One mistimed move results in the player going to inactive drained state and then its Game Over. So its all about Timing.With increasing score and time, the speed and the number of enemies increases as well making it tougher for the player. Although the reward points increase as well.

The goal is to infinitely fight off the enemies until the player dies. The enemy waves are followed by bosses that are not very easy to kill. Killing enemies earn an in-game currency called ‘Souls’. Souls can be later redeemed to unlock a wide variety of weapons and hats. Souls are also used to upgrade weapons. Hats provide a fancy look to the player, but they can provide an extra chance to survive as the very first blow from the enemy is saved by it.Each weapon has its own uniqueness and plays style. The attributes of the weapons are divided into two main factors. Range and Drain.

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Range defines that how far can the weapons trail unleash to kill the enemy player. The greater the range the easier it gets for the player to get the kill. Since the user has more reaction time to fast approaching enemies.

Drain defines the time that the player needs to get back to be able to launch a new move in case the previous move is mistimed. The greater the drain rating on the weapon, the less time it takes for the player to recover.

The weapons can be upgraded to increase chances in three manners. Firstly to enter in timely modes when the player gets 2x souls on 1 kill. Secondly, the Shock Chance which increases the probability of the player unleashes a lightning strike towards the side attacked from time to time.

The last is to increase the chance of having a slow mode at calculated time intervals which makes it easy for the player to build up a score.

The hats can be upgraded in a similar manner with increasing chances of Recovery, Shock Block, and Luck.


One of the nicest things about this game is the fighting animations. The smooth and stylish fist moves, kicks and weapon deployment gives the sweet satisfaction of the kill earned. For starters, the stick figure uses fists and kicks only until new weapons are unlocked. The player stick performs beautiful combinations of punches and kicks when pressed repeatedly. This gets even nicer when the moves are performed continuously on opposite sides.

Each unlockable weapon has a different animation when used. Also, every single weapon has a variety of attack animations which loads randomly.

Stick Fight Online

Weapon and Hats

The one thing that really keeps the player to keep moving is the unlockables. Stick Fight offers a variety of different weapons and upgrades to choose from. However, unlocking these weapons require a large amount of in-game currency called the ‘Souls’. Different combinations of hats and weapons can lead to different combinations and fight experiences.

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The game has grown a large fan base and there have been made a number of mods with different modifications. A PC version of the game with a different studio has also been published with Multiplayer support. Stick fight continues to get timely updates with new weapons and hats being constantly added. Several performances and optimization tweaks are constantly made after reported by the users.

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