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unnamed 300x168 - Strike Force Heroes Unblocked Game Play Online NowAction and shooting games are all times favorite if you are looking for this and you want non- stop action then Strike Force Heroes is a special an all-new action classic shooter game. It gives you great experience in playing because it contains a level up system in which you can defeat an enemy and level up further. To get medals, you must complete all your missions thus try your best to get all of them. The gameplay is intense as it keeps engaging you in its battle.

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As your progress increases you can select up a wide range of different weapons like machine guns lasers and pistols. Even you can upgrade your character and develop an ultimate machine.  By completing specific events in this gameplay, you can earn medals which is an extra task include in it.

Strike Force Heroes Armor Games

A hidden research facility in an unknown location in the ocean. A scientist in his lab performing his lab experiment where he almost completed his experimental formula then suddenly a blast occurs and an army of soldier’s attack and after that, your action escape game started leaving the head scientist as the solitary fighter. Now it’s your time to stop the invading of enemies and lead the force that will strike back.


There are three modes available in Strike Force Heroes flash game for keeping your interest level

  • CAMPAIGN MODE: This mode is relatively easier than other. This is for beginners and has total fifteen stages.
  • CHALLENGES: A typical and challenging mode and you will enjoy it sure. It also has fifteen, unlike stages.
  • QUICK MATCH: Now you can mine yourself against other players.

Well on the first two modes in each stage you will face different landscapes and objectives to finish the level.

Strike Force Heroes Unblocked Games

When you start to play just wait for a while, it takes time for loading because of its almost 18 MBs. After loading you will find three modes if you are playing campaign you must level up four unique classes to unlock over 65 weapons. This raw battle will give you more thrill when you play it at full voice.

Want to prove your skills and compete with other opponents then a customized deathmatch mode is also available. Want more challenging and hard adventure? then set the rules for your selves and go for battleground you must kill your enemies. The more advanced weapons you selected the easier it’s become to defeat your enemy.

You will level up by winning. As you explore room by room it’s easy to understand and master. Try to keep your distance from soldiers as it is more difficult to kill them from near.  Medic, Assassin, Commando, and Tank are four types of soldiers to choose. Every one of them has their own unique strengths, weaknesses, skills, and weapons. To choose a soldier, you should closely observe the stage landscape so that it can give you an idea of what kind of soldier and weapon combination would be suitable.

There is a tips tab given at bottom where you can find a solution if you face related problems with that tips.

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Finally, scientist survives. After a several weeks scientist contacting someone. He tells him about his almost completed formula that he was able to save some of the toxins and the cure. And the conversation ends with ambush congrats that you have survived.

Game Features:



  1. The End: complete the campaign
  2. Maxed: reached level 50 with any soldier
  3. Human Plug: secret achievement
  4. Water wings: secret achievement
  5. Strike Force Hero: defeat the creators of the game
  6. Guns and Ammo: buy all primary guns with any soldier
  7. Skilled: buy all skills with any soldier
  8. Embarrassing: secret achievement
  9. Detective: secret achievement