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sushicat print 300x214 - Sushi Cat Game Unblocked Free Game Play Online NowThe Sushi cat is hungry. Help her to eat his food as much as possible. Drag her so that she can eat her food and see her to grow. The Japanese food is yummy and she doesn’t want to leave any. Try not to leave any food so that she gets happy. She is lonely and wants guidance that someone helps her and she could eat. After eating see how much she gets grow faster.There was a cat. He was passing by the store and he saw a cute kitty in that store. But Oh! She was beside the window. When he wanted to go there he found that the doors of a window were automatic and it was closed.

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He tried that somehow, they should be opened but the doors did not notice him and he could not enter the store. After some time a fat person entered in that store and the doors got opened. After watching this he decided that he should gain weight quickly to open that door. The cat eats only sushi because the game is introduced by a Japanese person and according to them that food is very much tasty and cats not only like this but also enjoy this food. Also, sumo wrestlers also like and love this food in Japan so it is not astonishing for our cat to eat this food because, in Japan, it is very common food and easy way to gain weight quickly.

In the starting, some stages the sushi cat will eat much and get weight. But on the return of him, he found that the kitty that he liked so much was not there and he became sad. She had gone by the bus when the cat arrived there. The cat does not have any single penny to walk by her. And that time he got an idea. The idea was that, that he should gain more weight and try to take part in the sumo wrestlers’ championship and earn some money. He goes there and takes part in the wrestling.

Then what will happen there? You will get to know rest of story after playing this interesting game. Your progress in the game will describe the story of sushi cat in deep and deeper if you win and then win and then win. All the videos are available to watch recommended to you. There will be fun which you will feel while you are playing this exciting and amazing game.

Sushi Cat Review

The Sushi Cat is an exciting puzzle game in which you must take a grip on your character. You will walk through with the mazy by forcing him to eat sushi rolls as much he can eat. To full his stomach you need to eat him at least 30 pieces of rolls to get in next stage. However, you should force him to eat as much as possible so that you could get maximum scores. Remember to eat more sushi rolls you must go in the correct box. If you eat sushi rolls you will get bonuses. Lives When you will start the game then you will get 4 live. If you want more lives then you have to eat some sushi special.

Bonus Scores There are different types of sushi roll if you eat the special one you will get bonuses or additional scores. By multiplying them by a specific number e.g. x3, x6, and so on.

If you full the tummy of at the other rest of eaten food will be included in your scores. So never stop eating! Extra eating means extra points.

Game settings: If you want to edit something, then there are multiple options to change them such as:

  • Changing the quality of graphics
  • Mute the volume.
  • Restart the level
  • Go back to any level or check levels on the map

Age category to play: The game can be played regardless of any age group. It can be children, adults, or anyone. This game is interesting, exciting and full of fun and it is a promise of a game that the entertainment level will not stop. If you want to play this game on your Android and IOS devices please download from below.

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