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Tank Trouble 2

DESCRIPTION: ImportantIf the game fails to load, try it on the dedicated website linked below. This is an issue with the scirra arcade and not my game. This game is a complete remake of the original game TankTrouble. The goal of the game is to become the highest scoring player.I started this project because I felt the original was missing key features, and I saw an opportunity to increase my knowledge of Construct 2 programming.This game includes touch and controller support!Check it out my other game Space Arena!Check out the dedicated websiteSend any questions or bugs to game not created by myself. I do not own any part of Tank Trouble. Visit for the original.
INSTRUCTIONS: Select the number of players, then you may see the controls for each player. You may also change each player's name and their main color. Once the game starts, press the corresponding fire keys and arrow keys to control the tanks and kill other players. Collect powerups by driving over them to gain advantages in battle. Player ControlsOn PC, the player controls are shown before the game starts. On mobile, move the joystick to move your tank, and fire with the button. Changing ControlsOpen the pause menu, (Can be accessed pre game and in game) select controls, and click the button you want to change. Then, press the key you want to change it to.Basic Controls:Shift+FToggle FullscreenShift+PPauseShift+CConsole (Good luck finding the commands!)


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