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worlds hardest game - The Hardest Game Ever Game Play Online Now FreeTo call the hardest game ever is bit misleading because it’s not that much. Rather, this game is composed and adds up a series of simple challenges that range from amazingly easy and to the level of frustratingly effort requiring. New stages are unblocked as we go on competing for the current ones as we have to pass by varying degree of success, which is marked according to the letter-grade technique.Achieving a higher score will earn you an for Star letter and a certain amount of these stars are required for unblocking other levels. The difficulty lies in achieving these stars rather than winning the mini-games alone.

Challenges lie around the scheduled tapping of different on-screen buttons that change depending on the mission at hand in each of the 24 main levels.There is an animated character on the screen and players may grip on the two keys that are right and left arrow key on screen to control the animated character running up the stairs to balance a capping head of a drowsy child , solve rapid observational games by clicking the right answer without going over and therefore losing the task. The Hardest Logic Puzzle

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These games are composed of things like catching falling eggs, stroking a foot with a feather, piling colorful ice cream scoops, stopping a bomb countdown, solving easy math equations and crushing cockroaches.

There are cheats in the game that the game allows you to buy when a challenge proves to be too much difficult for you so that you can advance automatically with these. There are also “Infinite Number of Instant Retries” you can avail to replay any level with a quick click on a button rather than going back through the menu. With the instant retries, the player also has the option of buying “Arcade Mode” that allows ad-free game and offers unlimited retries.

Failing over a challenge and effort needed to search the main menu shouldn’t have been too punishing of a task, however, the game sometimes slows down, glitch and shut down after the Failure screen that is too annoying and maybe gets fixed in the later update. The menu screen layout is simple and easy to get through but for some causes, once you choose a game and are brought to an information of the gameplay mechanics, you can’t go back to the main menu without allowing the game to start, after that pause and then exiting. This is an unusual oversight.

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The variety of range of available games makes it harder to find a blanket statement overrating the game.


Right, and Left arrow keys are used to move towards the right and left respectively. Only these keys are used in the game.

The visually queuing based and time focusing games are more enjoyable and fun providing to me rather than the math related ones. But anyways it is subjective and depends purely on players preferences. Overall the games have the tendency to be entertaining but quickly they become repetitive.

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It is a simple game yet satisfying. The music and animations are smart, quirky and fast-paced. The different visuals, ideas, technology and graphics usage in each game though minimal but humorous and playful.  The repetition and lack of technology in terms of content is a downfall but it does not mean that we should not give it a try.  There is lack of interest and entertainment part that comes with the presence of stylish and unique graphics.

The gameplay leads to boredom because of same things in each level again and again. There must be somehow a little bit of changed theme and gameplay in each increasing level we reach. It will surely help.