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Impossible Game Main 300x227 - The Impossible Game Unblocked Play Now FreeThe impossible game is one button click game developed by Grip Games and Published by FlukeDude. The game came into existence on November 23, 2009. Exactly the game is what the title is suggesting- “IMPOSSIBLE” and that is what we expect from the game. A challenging game that needs skills, an art of time managing and accuracy with which we can control a square and make an attempt to jump over different objects in our way at high speeds. We just control our speed and jumping motion while the squares move on automatically.We must be expert in managing the timing of our jumps perfectly to prevent the touching with various obstacles on our way at each level.

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The game is exceedingly hard and we can’t be sure enough that anyone is smart enough to complete it without any failure. If you are new to the game and struggling with it, you can play in the practice mode which is for beginners, this allows you to practice your jumping skills and test your game. If you come in contact with any object that is the obstacles at a level than you must restart your game at the last checkpoint.

Are you taking the challenge? Can you conquer the impossible game? How many attempts will it take?


The main Objective of the game is to guide a cube over obstacles spikes and pits. You have to

avoid these obstacles in order to remain in the game. There are 5 levels in the game. Original

Music is embedded in four of them.


A very hard game where survival in the game is difficult and fewer chances of winning. But there is practice mode which can be used to understand the game and as a training session to learn how to beat it. The attempts we opt are displayed in-game.

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  • IOS
  • Android
  • Web browser


Simply use the left arrow or space bar to jump.

HIGHLIGHTS:  The game gameplay really simple and straight you just need to go on with the automatically moving square through a level and simultaneously making jump your square over smashing objects and the game keeps on becoming more and more interesting. When you will fail and trust me you’ll undoubtedly fail over and over and you will start gaining more excitedly with more passion. While in the practice mode during game e you can place flags so whenever you fail, you can start from that last dropped flag.

Another key point is that the thing that makes the game more exciting is that if you do not play in a training or practice mode you must finish game beating all levels with a single life.An impossible game is known as to be the insanely addictive game.



  • A simple game with easy controls
  • The music consists of techno beats and it increases our motivation towards playing the game again.
  • Each time we start the game we will experience something better, different and new.
  • Levels are mind-blowing.
  • Practice mode is a good opportunity.


  • Similar obstacles over and over again.
  • Repetition of layouts and obstacles.
  • Less eye-catching color and contrasts.
  • Not so high layouts and graphics.

Game Reviews:


  • “The game graphics consists of only two shape graphics triangles and square. A simple gameplay following a square shape automatically moving and all we need to control the speed of jump avoiding the obstacles. Yet making it amazing”
  • “Inspired by the practice mode allowing players to check their abilities and test their standing.”
  • “Seems to be simple from outside while playing it you undoubtedly fail over and over”.
  • “Quite frustrating to beat a level with a single life but once you complete, you remember it lifetime because of the tries and efforts you make.”
  • “Music consists of techno beats that increase the excitement and motivation to play.”
  • “Crazy configurations in a game the way the levels are set up and the shapes including boxes to be jumped like an endless staircase and needing to be accurately timed with a perfect release of a screen all while moving with a continuous speed.”


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