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The Zombie Trap: Survival

DESCRIPTION: This game is sure to have you at the edge of your seat as you narrowly miss being attacked by a zombie or when you get trapped in a corner and it looks like game over. Can you master The Zombie Trap™?! Play as the two starring characters: Ged & Suzie!www.GiggleOfficial.comSo what do you get in this demo of The Zombie Trap: Survival?• 2 Maps with high replay value.• Scary Sound Effects & Music!• Beautiful Hand Crafted Graphics.• Fluid Controls.• Easy to Understand & Play• Excellent Level Design.Get the full game from the app store!Other Giggle Brands:• Space Gazer• Just Jump UP!Games Developed by Giggle SoftwareGames Published by GiggleCreated By Peter Eric Lang™ & © Peter Eric Lang & Giggle. All Rights Reserved.Giggle® and the Giggle® Logo are Registered Trademarks of Peter Eric Lang.
INSTRUCTIONS: [Arrow Keys] To Move Left, Right, Up and Down


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