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7fc824b5b5dd457b6e13fe09d933a50e 300x168 - Tiny Tanks Unblocked Play Now (Armor Games)Tiny Tanks can be played in a campaign mode or online with real-world players. The campaign mode consists of 12 different levels of which starting from the easiest one and getting harder with every level completed. The game starts with the player controlling a tank. The basic controls of the tank are the movement keys. UP, DOWN, LEFT and RIGHT arrow keys. Alternatively, for regular pc players, the W, A, S and D keys will do the job as well. The turret can be used to fire bullets using the Space or the Ctrl key.For some modes online, the turret can manually be aimed at using the mouse pointer.

if you don’t know how to play this game please watch the video.

The player can press the Enter key while in a game to chat with other players present on the server at that time. The level design in the game is themed with common school or student stationery items. The game area is divided with Pencils, erasers, sharpeners etc. The menu itself is laid on a notebook paper.

Tank Trouble Unblocked

Tiny Tanks is a 2D multiplayer action game that involves battling Tanks, Obviously. This multiplayer game can be played on a Desktop browser online and involves the major features of any downloadable multiplayer PC game.

Tiny Tanks does not require any extra extensions to be played online. All that’s required is an internet connection and the Adobe Flash Player. Majority users don’t get the need to install the Adobe Flash Player as it comes pre-installed with most of the modern web browsers.

The objective of the player tank is to shoot the enemy tanks until their health meter runs out of health. This has to be done moving back and forth while dodging the enemy bullets who unsurprisingly are fast.The campaign mode level starts with the player learning the basic movements and the controls of the game. Afterward, the player has to fight a bot Tank who is not very hard to beat.With every advancing level, the number of enemy bot Tanks increases and get tougher to beat. Sometimes, it gets hard to get past a certain level and requires precise planning and technique to beat it. The bots get smarter and more offensive too.

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The real challenge comes when playing the multiplayer mode against live players. The player can simply click on the multiplayer button which loads all the live servers with important information like current players, game mode, Aim mode, signal length etc. If you don’t want to deal with the hassle of selecting and filtering the servers by yourself to play, you can always select the Quick Play mode which automatically selects the best server within range and number of players online.

A maximum of 8 players can join a single server and a minimum of 2 are required to start the game. Users can create their own server and play with nearby players. If one wants to play with friends, he/she can create a locked server which would require a password for others to join. This way you could enjoy a private friends only game if you don’t like playing with strangers.

There are 3 different modes while playing Tiny Tanks online. The Last Man Standing, Team Death Matches and Capture the Flag. The Last Man Standing is all about personal skills. Every player on the server is on his own and must battle the other tanks on a ground separated with pencils to be the Last Man Standing. Team Deathmatches as the name suggests involves two teams with players spawning and respawning, shooting and killing, and the team with more points in the given time gets the win. Capture The Flag which is undoubtedly the most fun mode to play involves two teams who have to break the enemy defense lines and capture the flag.

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The flag has to be brought to your base to secure the points.Team Matches can be entertainingly fun to play with friends. It does require a bit of strategy to earn points but can be fun anyways.

Fortunately, players don’t have to get stuck with the same tank for all their time. The Tank Shop contains all the upgrade features which come at the cost of in-game coins. The players can upgrade the Chassis, Turret, Barrel and certain Power up’s to pay the hard work off.

The power up’s include becoming invisible, speeding up, gaining a shield, an enhanced turret, healing etc. In addition to this players can customize their tanks with different skins that can be bought from the Tank Shop as well. The game includes a complete level editor that lets you create and design custom levels with easy drag and drop functions so you can challenge your friends on them.

Tiny Tanks come as a complete package of a multiplayer game, that can be played with friends and can be extremely fun. The user customization, easy controls, constant updates make the game definitely worth playing.



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