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71R2ERUIpmL 300x300 - Toss The Turtle Game Play Online Now FreePlay Now Toss The Turtle Unblocked game at school have a good day. Do you want to hit the scoreboard with maximum scores? Then fire the turtle and check how much you get the scores with the speed. Enjoy this super game and the game will become king of your heart. The game like Toss The Turtle starts with the cool math unblocked animated graphics and melodious music to attract the player. The main character (turtle) must release with the full power by holding the screen and check the range until the turtle goes to stop or hit by any barrier.This game is fun and you will know when you try to play that how funny it is and how just plain fun it is. The graphics are cartoony and smooth, and they did a great job of giving you a real sense of speed.

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Special bonuses include money bags that can be found in the air.  I should mention after covering a certain distance, the turtle is bleeding so be aware of some brutal scenes of violence. This game is a heap of fun and you will keep yourself entertained for hours trying to beat your own turtle launching record – prove to the world the strength of the shell today.

Toss The Turtle Unblocked


This addictive game demanding situations you to use a sling, a carom and grease- gun and plenty of different implements to launch your heroic turtle as a long way as it could pass. it will get plenty bloody in the method, however, it constantly comes out alive. It is delightfully smooth to learn but tough to master and the great challenge lies in it. Everything that happens after you launch, for the most part, is just regular luck.


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Game Features:

  • Unusual but up-to-date graphics
  • Amusing turtle expressions
  • Many captivating interactable objects in your way
  • Plenty of breathtaking supremacy and weapons
  • Changing background
  • Music
  • New Rewards
  • Dynamic launch Flash game
  • Never Ending

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By holding the cannon in that manner, you want to launch your turtle and shoot it out from the cannon. It will go first upwards and then downwards in the right direction. Wait until it about to hits the ground. You must launch the turtle upwards more as much as you can so that there will be greater chances of getting real distance on it and keep it on the highest level. Otherwise, if you launch it directly, you will not get this.

However as much as you will gain the maximum height as compared to the usual one, you will gain some cash through which you can buy and customize your cannon. Moreover, it will help the turtle to launch it on the more height and far away further. Whenever you will customize your cannon, you will help the turtle to fly it at more height while you are launching it through this.

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You can also use bombs, jetpacks to shoot the turtle. Just beware of the barriers which are placed on the ground and be warned of those things which might stop you. By acquiring a gun will fire more powerful shots and give some extra speed to the turtle.  Check the shopping area every time, it can provide you extra things. It will help you in playing a game and if you want stunning extents then never forget to check it.Also, keep in mind that before launching the turtle, use the bomb earlier you go to bounce it.

The shopping items have Rock pack, Chest bomb, nuclear bomb, jetpack, missile, Big cannon, super cannon, gold cannon tank, sniper rifle, auto shotguns and much more.

The obstacles which are placed on the ground in this game are a Masked man, Regular bomb, flying bomb, giant bomb, and spikes.

Tips and tricks:

If you want to avoid early death try to use jetpack and missiles first.

Never buy a nuclear bomb, chest bomb until you have minimum weapons.

Always try to customize your cannons first.

To have an extra extent keep your finger on D key.

Use other keys to avoid spikes and other barriers.

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