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f542f98100aab2e01bcf4f253f88c107 1024 576 300x169 - Vex 3 Unblocked At School No Ads Free Game Play OnlineVex 3 comes as the third installment in the Vex game series that have been developed and published by the Yepi games. Vex 3 is another adventure platform game that adds more features and levels to its predecessors. The game is playable online in a web browser and can also be played on a well-optimized android version which is available in the Google Play Store.Vex 3 has approximately 1 million downloads and holds a positive 4-star overall rating on Android.It is also available on the Apple iOS platform.Vex 3, similar to its predecessors, is quite challenging and hard. The game starts with you spawning as a stick figure in a level select arena.

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There are different levels in the campaign mode. The player’s stick figure can be controlled using the UP, DOWN, LEFT and RIGHT arrow keys. Alternatively, for regular desktop players, the W, S, A and D keys also do the job. Players can use their mouse pointer or in mobile cases, the pan and zoom actions, to see the map before actually jumping into it so as to get mentally prepared for what’s about to come.Similar are the controls in the mobile devices. As simple as the controls may seem, however, the case with the game levels is not the same. Quite frankly, the level select arena is one deadly maze too.

In Vex 3, your stick players to look for that red flags. Upon reaching a checkpoint, the red flag turns to green.Red flags are basically the checkpoints so the players don’t have to quit the game out of rage if they fall and die. Green checkpoint enables the player to continue from the green flag point in case they die. Yes, it takes a lot of effort to reach and earn a checkpoint. Sometimes, it gets really frustrating for the player, as a certain obstacle or a level can get the player stuck on it for hours. You can fall into an empty space and die. If you don’t time your moves right, you can get killed by the sharp buzz saws. Sudden shurikens, various traps and yes, look out for those sharp Battle spikes too.

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Proceeding on the level, the end is marked by a portal that completes the level and sends the stick figure into the Level select arena. There are different objects that act differently. For example, throughout the game, you can come across many orange boxes. Orange boxes are super bouncy and jumping on them can take your stick man to a high place that can’t be reached normally. The purple boxes are weak and usually situated on high open areas like a bridge. Once, you stand on a purple box, they will fall down after a very short time. So you need to be very careful.

There are also many different movement variations that can be applied to the movement keys. For instance, for passing a wall with a little space under, you can use the crouch button while running to slide. Similarly, if you find yourself in a situation where you have to climb in between two walls, you can zig-zag your movement by holding and jumping quickly. The stickman adjusts its movement if it goes in water, or swings on a rope.

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Vex 3 has a quite minimalistic design. Its simplistic design makes iItssy for the players to learn their maps. The less complex the design is, the better it gets for the player to get hold of the map. Due to less visualization load’s, the size of the game is also not unnecessarily big and loads faster on web browsers.

The next thing that gives the game truly a unique experience is the built-in Level Maker. The level designer in the game can be used to create custom maps that may include custom placed obstacles. Traps and basically everything.The involvement of the gaming audience in creating new levels is entirely a new experience.

This series of code or numbers can be shared and applied manually by other players to try. For example, you can test your creativity by designing a complex maze of obstacles and traps, and then share the code with your friends. It becomes fun and productive at the same time.

While stepping into Vex 3, one must know to keep patience and hold the frustration. Level as the tough mazes and platforms can really get you addicted for some time. If you want to play this game on your Android Devices please download from below.

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