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Word Cookies Online 300x230 - Word Game Online For Kids Free Games Play NowThe word game it is also known as word puzzle and word game. It helps you to Increase your vocabulary and have fun doing it with this addictive “Word game” game. It will help out the kids more. You will have the list of words and you have to find out in the puzzle. It is an amazing game and any age group can play this game perfectly. It will help out mostly to kids.The word search game is actually like a treasure hunt you have to find the finest words in the puzzle. You will have instructions then you have to follow that instruction. Sometimes when you do not find a word you get boiled and frustrated. Your eyes also hurt when you looking here and there so you have to find a word with precisely and gently. Be smart and focus on it Wikipedia.

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The word game is an amazing and challenging game. It will provide you instruction and objective, you have to follow through. You have to find a word in a puzzle and you also get an instruction which will guide you and help you to find that word in a puzzle, in between that you think you need help you can get help by clicking on a help button. You need to care and you have put your mind into it.

First of all, you will have levels. There are 40 active levels with full sound for all words. You have to cross each of it, one by one and each level determines your rating. A rating scale contains 3 stars it will determine how you have passed through that you will get rated out on that scale. So when you pass through each level with 3 stars you will unlock the next level then you have to complete that level by finding that words in a puzzle. it has sound for each word used in the puzzle so you can learn how to pronounce a word in English. You also will have a time limit. When you find a word it will be shown you have found a word.

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When you move to harder level it gets more hardcore like you have to find that word in 5 seconds or 10 seconds then it will test your mind how quickly can your brain work. When you succeed in finding a word then you have another. Smartphone lovers can enjoy and amazed by this game. They don’t have to be disappointed on advertisement only a few comes after completing a level.


The word search game basically having a puzzle in which all character is placed in a row and column. You have to look at that. You can search a puzzle through from bottom to top or top to bottom, left to right or right to left and diagonal way. Its all depend on you. A word can be placed in a puzzle it can be in any form and placed it on any row or column.


  • Easily to use.
  • Sound and music are perfect.
  • Simple display of Graphical User Interface.
  • Different active levels.
  • A number of accomplishment.
  • Speech recognition API is used.

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First of all, you have to follow the instruction. You will get word then u need to find in a puzzle. After that, you have to start looking. firstly you should start with the first line carefully see that any starting word is same as in the first line, if not then move to the 2nd line. You can also look at the diagonal way in a puzzle. This game makes you tricked and your mind can get a boil. Most of the time you will find a word in a diagonal.


A word game is basically available on the internet. You can get access through any web browser and you can play on it. a web browser is easily used by many users. it is also available in play store and iTunes. So anyone like children who want to try should get this game it will increase your level of mind.